• cfcm leaders
    Cfcm Leaders In a Panning Meeting For The Year 2013
  • Cfcm convention 2012
    Members of Cfcm Pose for a Photo With Student's Who Attended Year 2012 Christian Union Leaders Convention at Muranga Institute of Science and Technology
  • Gachoire girls weekend challenge
    Beatrace (cfcm member) in a Group Discussion with Gachoire Girls Form Four Students at The School's Weekend Challenge in March, 2013.
  • Gachoire Girls
    An Interactive Session With Cfcm Members - Gachoire Girls Weekend Challenge First Term 2013

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Serving in Our Generation

God has called us in this generation, that is corrupt and perverse, to step out as shinning lights while holding the word of life. In this generation, God has called us, as part of His chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation to step out and live the gospel. We are called to live in such a way that, though this generation may not like us or our gospel, they will observe our lifestyles and praise God for it and desire the same. As strangers and aliens on our way home, God is counting on us to go out, while we live among this generation, to witness to them in word deed.

As a ministry, we have one focus; to reach as many as effectively and as efficiently as we can with the gospel. We are humbled to know that most of us stand as children of God because someone took the step to give or to come to our schools and share the gospel with us. We count it an honour today that we have an opportunity to do the same as co-labourers with the Lord Jesus, who gave all He had for our salvation. We are honoured to join together as a team of passionate young and old people with one purpose; to share the gospel.

As a ministry, we will encourage, equip and mobilize as many as we can, to join with us, acknowledging the harvest is great and the labourers are few and night is coming when we can work no longer. We will step out of our own boundaries to reach out to other teams like ourselves who labour in the vine yard of High Schools to draw synergy to effectively accomplish as much as we can.

We are excited by God’s faithfulness as we look back to hundreds of young people who continue to stream forward to the alter call to receive Jesus, to the many who receive the Holy Spirit as was in the day of Pentecost and move on to become disciples of Jesus Christ. This inspires us to keep moving.

We will focus on multiplication – making disciples who go to make others, entrusting the work to faithful young men and women to keep it going far and wide. Every one of us in this team is crucial part of this processWe will pray for each other, support and encourage each other, stirring one another into good works all geared towards reaching out and making disciples. Together we will believe God to anoint us, provide the needed finances and to protect us as we labour.

For you, who visit our web-site and share in our vision, we encourage you to join with us in reaching out. You can join us in the mission field or you can support the mission work through your intercession and your giving. We will endeavor to post the intercession requests on a prayer bulletin in this web-site. 

Let’s keep going and making disciples. It was His final command to us. He counts on us to deliver it.



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